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Your Solution for Refrigerator Repairs in Beaverton

Is your refrigerator running? It's no joke when the answer is "no." If you're dealing with a refrigerator not cooling, not running at all, or experiencing a different type of malfunction, bring in the pros at Knapp's Service & Appliance Repair LLC right away. We provide comprehensive fridge repairs in Beaverton and beyond, and we specialize in great customer service. Don't delay. Call us at (503) 928-4072 today!

No appliance malfunction is convenient, but broken fridges are among the worst. That's because the clock is ticking as soon as your refrigerator stops working correctly. Without prompt repairs, you could be facing a mountain of spoiled food. Save yourself that waste (of food and money!) by calling on our experts right away. We perform effective, efficient refrigerator repair services for your convenience. Our goal is to get your fridge back up and running as quickly as possible.

When you need refrigeration repair for your home, Knapp's Service & Appliance Repair LLC is here to put our 14 years of experience to work for you!